Announcing: WordPress Theme Booster (a/k/a “My Boilerplate WP Theme”)

Don’t we all wish WordPress could be a better CMS? If you create WordPress sites for clients, then you probably have wished that WordPress’s custom fields were easier to manage, versus the current set-up (a primitive list of custom field names, along with a textarea for each). This project is the boilerplate code I use to manage those needs:

WordPress Theme Booster

WP Theme Booster helps WordPress theme developers to make admin panels in the WordPress post/page/etc editor, in order to turn WordPress’s custom fields into a user-friendly form. You could say it helps WordPress to be just a bit more CMS-ish. It includes functionality to enhance custom fields in the following ways:

  • WYSIWYG Editor: using WordPress’s editor/media uploader
  • Image Uploads: using WordPress’s Media Gallery, returns input to the field
  • Link Fields: 2 input fields, one for text, one for destination URL
  • Roll-your-own: you can also write your own forms, inputs, textarea, etc., and embed them into a panel.

To be fair, it’s still seriously lacking in documentation and examples. Nonetheless, I’m turning it loose, and hoping it finds a nice life in the wild. Drop a note here if you find it useful or have any questions.


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